Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(Very) Short... But S weet.....

The amount of times this dress ends up in the "to get rid of" pile is untrue.

I love the spots, the colour,

Dress - Purchased from France many years ago.

And the detailing on it.

I love the lace detailing

But it is oh so short!

Proof I need to toning those legs more!
Just call me Chicken lady.
I was having a good old conversation with the chucks.

In fact if I bend over, even slightly, you can see my butt.
And trust me that's enough to put you off your food, I can tell you.

So yet again its ended up in the "to get rid of pile"
That is unless I feel like wearing it again or recycling it.
We'll see.

X x


  1. Stunning dress Trayci, x

  2. Super cute dress! Please come share at the Anything Goes linky this Friday.

  3. Lovely dress Trayci, I know what you mean about short dresses, I buy them to and realise they are to short, grr.. but it is way to pretty to get rid of, I say save :) i would wear with leggings too :)

  4. i have dresses like this, I go to get rid of them and then change my mind at the last minute.


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