Thursday, 19 June 2014

Work In Progress....

Our chickens are getting a new home.
A bigger place for them to roam free is being erected at the bottom of the garden.

TShirt - Asda (old)
Skirt - River Island (old)
Shoes - Monsoon (old)

That means our garden can get back to looking pretty and hubby can stop moaning every time he sees said garden.

I have helped with what I am able to, however I had to call even that a day after the smell go glue from next door was so overwhelming.

See the lovely white marks in the folds of my arms?
thats from reading my book on holidays.

Lord know what they are doing but it truly was making me feel sick.

Rudely interrupted by hubby calling to ask what we are having for tea?
He forgot we were going out. 

He does make me giggle, bless.

No more work on this it this evening either as we are off to a 7 year olds birthday tea.
Now what do you wear to a tea party?
It's been so long since I've been to one.

X x


  1. Look at you looking all cute and giggly talking to hubby on the phone - so sweet! I think this skirt is darn near perfect for a tea party (I'm thinking of having a tea party for my birthday this year instead of the normal drinking session in the pub - man! I must be getting old hehe).
    I think you're chickens are lucky birds indeed, it looks as if their new pad is going to be huge! Good luck with it!

  2. What a great outfit - adore the sandals & check out those pins! Ax

  3. Wear what you've got on, you've got the best legs in Blogland! xxx


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