Thursday, 12 June 2014

Green Fingers And Florals...

Our conservatory at this time of year is full of plants.
Mainly grown ready for planting up at the allotment.

However I do also try to grow a few flowers in order to pot up the many garden pots and hanging baskets.
So much cheaper than having to buy them from a garden centre.

A few pots are looking a little worse for wear, however no one will take any notice when the flowers bloom I'm sure.

I even have a few watering cans to pot up after finding them in the pit of a garage, which should make a few cute features.

And if the garden is getting blooms then I see no reason why I can't join in to, with my flowery skirt.

Florals all round.

X x

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  1. Great skirt Hun!! I bet its lovely and cool in this nice weather were having at the moment xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing over at Creative Mondays :)

  3. The pots are looking lovely, and so are you! x

  4. Great skirt, totally love florals in summer x

  5. Love the skirt, and your garden is looking fabulous.



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