Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sweet Meets Strappy...

My hubbies quote about this outfit was actually "Sweet meets bondage!" but for fear of what searches it might pop up in I amended my title slightly.

He was referring to the curls being the sweet and the shoes being the bondage.
Sometimes he worries me slightly.

It was worn for a day of traipsing round an event at the NEC.
Yes I did take some flatter shoes with me to rest my achy feet after a few hours.

And it's fair to say today has been one of the strangest days of the year yet.


  1. Could you imagine what you'd get? Strappy was probably the right way to go!

  2. Great outfit. And I agree, best to amend the title. #CreativeMondays

  3. Great thinking to change the title and great thinking to come up with such a great outfit.

  4. I do see your hubbies point, the shoes are a bit bondage :)
    But I do love the monochrome!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Dying to know why the day was strange! Those shoes hurt my back just looking at them but they are fab! x

  6. Lol, hubby is funny. Cute shorts and thanks so much for linking up. Happy Monday!



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