Friday, 6 June 2014

D Day, Let Us Not Forget......

This year marks the 70th anniversary of D Day.

A part of history we should never forget.

I don't advocate war but I have the ultimate respect for these men who fort for their country to give us the life we have now.

And to help free so many people who were suffering.
So many sons, husbands, loved one left for war with far too few returning.

So many men and woman at home also playing their part back home in Britain.
Helping to ensure D Day was a success.

We visited the war cemeteries in Brittany last year and the emotion you feel is immense.

I can not imagine how these veterans must feel when they revisit the beaches on which may of their friend lost lives.
So many at such a young age too.

The memories that must flood back as vivid as ever.

Let us hope this is an event never to be repeated and never forgotten.
Peace is, after all the biggest victory of all.

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  1. What an amazing and thought provoking post. I agree too that we should never forget. xx


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