Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Little Bit Of Segway Fun!

Now back at Christmas I gave my hubby and youngest a Segway adventure as part of there Christmas present. (Thank you Tesco vouchers!) I booked it for a few Saturdays ago and what a day we all had!

Chunky wheels or what!

We got to the centre to see all the other people queuing up for their supper car experiences and truth be told I think they both would have preferred to have been off doing that!
Super cars....

But never the less they got ready for the experience, none of us could have preempted the hair nets though!
Would you believe they were classed as safety attire!

After they were suited and booted,
Suits you sir!

I shall call them robbo cop and mini robbo cop!

The training began.

Andy looked so serious,
Who needs speed when you have a segway!

But Ashleigh really didn't like it at all!
"Not liking it!" Face.

Even after a little more coaching she was having none of it!
"Err no I don't think I will thank you!"

Bless them they allowed me to take her place.
Bet you wish you had a funky hair net like mine!

Ready, steady GO...

Off we went into the woods.
Trust them to put me at the back.

Off into the woods we went.

It was fantastic.

Ashleigh enjoyed taking all the photos.

How can he deny how much fun he had? Look at the smile! 

He enjoyed speeding up to loose me bless.

It was fun.

We even kept all the cones intact.

So even though they would have rather have been driving around in extremely fast cars we had a cracking day.

And even better if didn't cost a penny!

X x


  1. ha ha I always laugh when I see those Segways. The 1st time I saw one was in Florida in 2005 and the security guy at the shopping mall was riding one! Me and Mike's neice who was 12 at the time laughed our heads off as it just looked so funny to see someone in uniform riding a Segway! How childish am I! lol

    You do have some adventures xx

  2. That looks like a right giggle! All the padding is hilarious though - looks like something out of a sci-fi/action film!

  3. hahaha these are just the wierdest things ever!! and look at all the saftely gear! i mean how fast do they even go!! hahaha glad you had fun!

  4. I was amazed how quick they actually do go! To be fair if your not confident in getting off them you could do your self an injury, however that said it was very excessive safety gear!

    It made me chuckle that the hair net was classed as safety gear too!

    X x

  5. Looks fun, fab pics!!

    Sadie x


  6. Hi my dear-sounds like a really awesome and fun day out, I'd love to try one of these too! xxx

  7. Off-roading on a segway! It looks fun but a bit scary too, I can understand how Ashleigh might not have liked it! You do all look like RoboCop!

  8. Robocop's about right! They look like brilliant fun, I want a go! x


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