Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh No! I've Lost Count!

The stunning Vintage Vixen asked me a few posts ago how many pairs if shoes I have, as most of you know I have a shoe obsession and am meant to be on a shoe ban!

Well If I'm honest I had been putting off counting them as I knew it would lead to me having to sort them and be honest as to if I needed them or not.

Unfortunately my arm was twisted to sort the spare room as my nephew will be coming to stay with us indefinitely.

The mess looked like this;

And after a count of all my shoes (yes, I did loose count a few times) I had to admit to owning 97 pairs!

Ridiculous I know.

Not only did I sort my shoes but also the suitcases out ready for our holiday which were full of my clothes too!

Summer clothes that I put away last year and has never really surfaced this summer.

More on this another time.

So my question to every one would be;

What is your excess?

X x


  1. 97 pairs! How do you even begin to decide what stays and what goes? Although I can say that it is a cathartic experience having a good sort out!

  2. Blimey, 97 pairs!! That's one heck of a colelction. How on earth do you get ready in the morning? It must take forever to decide which of those stuinning pairs to wear.
    Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Awesome!! I never was into shoes,now I am.I have too many excesses may have to add shoes to it lol

  4. Loving all of your shoes. Not sure how many I have now, I had a HUGE cull when we last moved.
    When I moved out of my mother's home for uni (aged all of 19) I had, bordering on 400 pairs of shoes most of which are still there, sitting in my dressing room doing nada. That makes me sad but I have no room for them here.

  5. Wow. That's a LOT of shoes!! We have 6 in our family and probably don't have 20 prs altogether! lol! I do LOVE the red heels, they're fabulous!

  6. Gosh I do not have as many shoes as you.
    What a lovely collection xx

  7. Impressive!! I haven't counted mine for a while as I had a bit of a cull of pairs that were getting tatty or never really got worn.

    People would say I have excessive amounts of books. I beg to differ!

  8. that's a hell of a collection! I have less than 20!

  9. Books are my excess.....must have about 300 waiting to be read :S

    K xx

  10. oh my goodness!!!!! So many shoes! Mine is books. They are everywhere. Shelves. Wicker baskets. Piles on the floor. yeh. everywhere x

  11. WOW!! I love all shoes!! great collection!!

  12. 97, now that's a number that needs rounding up if ever I heard one! Like Alex my excess is books - I buy them faster than I can read them :S


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