Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Red. A Little Touching Up!

Today I touched up my hair colour.

(If you were thinking I might mean anything else clear out your minds naughty people!)

In years gone past I have been many colours, many would say I am still a blonde but that's for another time I think..

I used to think nothing of booking into the hairdressers for a cut and colour and coming out without any change from £150. Crazy!

Now my hair gets trimmed as needed and I pay no more than £25 tops.

As for my colour?

Well this is the form it comes in;

And never costs more than £6 either.

The coffee is exactly the kind I like as is the company and conversation.

And I always like the results too.

I'd like to think I can then spend that little extra on creating memories with the people that matter.

So do you spend a fortune of your barnett?

Or are you frugal as can be?

X x


  1. What a beautiful close-up picture, trayci. That colour is lovely on you, really warms your complexion and shows off your pretty eyes.
    Like you I used to spend a fortune on six weekly hairdresser visits but when I reinvented myself as a raven-headed chick it's Boots Colour at £3.05 a box which I only mix a third up every few weeks and touch up my roots. x

  2. What a pretty colour!

    I spent a big chunk of my life avoiding hair dressers/having my hair touched, so right now I've been splashing out...I should be more frugal, but I'm for once enjoying being pampered!

  3. I spend sod all on my hair! When it REALLY needs cut, I get a home do done by a girl I know who works for Vidal Sassoon in the day but I get it a fraction of the price. And when I dye it, it's always out a box!

  4. I always end up flirting between the mouse John Frieda or the L'oreal colours. I use to be spending £50 a time to get my hair coloured and then just thought i'd do it myself. I do have a lot of random hair products though, I guess it's a bit of my treat to myself because I do like to have my hair feeling nice. Saying that I haven't been to get my hair cut for months. Ooops.

  5. I've never coloured mine. As for cuts, it used to get chopped at home (by a mobile hairdresser, not by me!) maybe once a year for the princely sum of a tenner. I braved a proper hairdressers earlier in the year though and got it styled a bit which I think was about £30 or so. Should really book another appointment as it's got quite long since then.

  6. The colour really suits you xx

  7. Really suits you, and the colour's a good match to the box - they aren't always are they?!

    I spend mre than I'd like on my hair - being a natural dark blonde there aren't many other colours that suit me, and I like to have it highlighted just to brighten it up, rather than do a full head colour at home. I actually have a monthly pot to stash money away for my next hairdo (extreme budgeting or what?!)

  8. Great colour!
    I tend to have a dry cut every 4 months or so which costs £10 but recently I decided to have it coloured in a salon. I had a half head of highlights at £30. I'm not sure I like them though, I decide to try it as the semi permanent colours I'd been using seemed to make me look washed out. I'd always go darker to cover the grey. the lighter colour is kinder to me and I look more healthy but the roots show already (1 month in) and roots are a bit of a pet hate of mine so I'm not sure what to do next really... I don't want to start an expensive salon habit but a bit of pampering is always good x

  9. You have it great!

  10. I spend a ridiculous amount on my hair, I'm embarrassed to say but I do have to point out it has become about £100 smaller since I stopped dying my hair. However, since I'm still paying £60 for a cut and blow dry if I ever was to go back to colouring I think home colouring would definitely be the way forward - too many of my friends do it with wonderful results for me to argue against it.
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth


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