Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Start As You Mean To Go On!

Oh I fecking hope not!

Yesterday saw me starting my week on an all time low.

And heres why...

My bag has been stolen out of my boot!

The car was as far as I am aware locked and the bag in question was my work bag,

Including my work laptop!

Trust me thats not a phone call you really want to be making to your boss, especially the day before your review!

SHIT... Is the only word I can use to describe just how I felt.

I began questioning if I had taken the bag out of the car? No 
Had hubby moved it? No.
Was the car locked? Yes
Is the car showing signs of damage? No

So after exhausting all avenues I phoned the police who insisted on coming my home to inspect the car. I can understand why, I couldn't lie and say it was damaged when it wasn't.

I made the phone call to my boss who, to be fair was very good about it and I contacted head office too.

The other things that upset me were the fact that my diary was in the bag and I live by my diary for all my work info.  Thankfully I was very good at transferring all this detail onto electronic calendars so I will still know where I should be when. 

But  I also kept all my receipts  for claims in the diary which mount up to over £1,000.  Thankfully after a tearful phone call to global expenses they calmed my nerves and said they would try to sort it for me. A little human kindness still exists thankfully.

The morale of the story?
Leave nothing your boot!

So please keep your fingers crossed that this isn't how my week will be, that my review will go ok today and that I will be able to sort my laptop via head office...

X x


  1. What a pain. How horrible for you. x

  2. Hi how awfull. Somepeople are so mean. Its horrible. I know hubby never leaves anyting in the boot or in view in the car. It could happen to anyone though. I always pop my laptop hidden at home. Luckily I am really minamalist as the or things somebody coul steal would be my sofa or tv!. MY jewellery is of the junk variety! . I hope your review goes well and you are ok xx

  3. Oh no! How did they get in, pick the lock or something? Gosh I always leave stuff in my boot thinking it's safe - I'll be more careful in future. Hope you manage to sort your claims etc and that you haven't lost too much in the end xx

  4. Oh goodness, here's hoping your week gets better x

  5. Oh how awful! How on earth did they manage to get in? Seems odd for them to have picked the lock when they didn't definitely know there was anything in it.

    Hope you manage to get your expenses etc sorted out. *big hugs*

  6. Oh no!! :( That's awful! I hope by some small miracle you're able to get your bag & belongings back!

  7. Oh no thats terrible I wonder how they got in the boot??? Hope you get it back x

  8. That's awful! So sorry to hear your week is off to a bad start. I hope things massively improve. x

  9. awww that is just pants. i would be gutted if that happened to me :(

  10. Thanks for all your kind words. They say things come in threes and what with ash loosing two phones I can only hope that was my third!

    Other than scratches and smudges on the boot we can see no other damage so it remains a mystery. I have began to question if one of us left it open but we are both positive we locked it after we had both used it.

    The police were laughing as we all tried to set off the alarm to make sure it worked. Believe me this is so much harder to do than you think!

    X x


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