Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thifty finds!

Lets be honest we all love a bargain, be it a sale item or a thrifty find.

Well Last week whilst I was working like a maniac, I ventured into new little charity shops and emerged with some real gems.

This pretty straw bag was hanging by the window and caught my eye as I walked past.
Ideal for my holiday.

It cost me a whole £2.

As for the top, well I know it may look a little granny like but I can see some potential.
(Watch this space!)
Not my usual style but never the less I shall give it a whirl.

And if not well for £1 it doesn't really matter that much.

These shoes turned out to be the best deal for me.
Brand new and leather

Ravel shoes, brand new for £4.
(Don't tell hubby!)
I have snuck them in with out him noticing.
By far the smallest heels I now own!

Please excuse the fact that it looks like my ankles are bandaged!

What delights have you found on your resent thrifting expeditions?

X x


  1. What fab finds! I love that bag xo

  2. Hi I love all your finds. I do like the top especially. I love striking colours and prints. My daughter would want your shoes x

  3. I found a few little botties today but as its FOF I may have to share tomorrow we shall see so stay tuned.I like that top is similar colouring to my FOF dress

  4. Just saw your comment its my fav colour too so your not alone xxx

  5. Ok. Those shoes are a major score! And you are rockin' 'em.

  6. Great shoes! I'll look forward to seeing the top in an outfit post, it has great potential. I never have any luck thrifting...

  7. Great shoes, lol about the sneak the shoes in i brough a big bag of 4 today but hubby only seen 1 pair :)

  8. I'm sick of missing your posts - now following! What lovely finds, those shoes are awesome x


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