Friday, 3 August 2012

A Lot of Fun....

Ok I will try not to bore you too much with our holiday photos, but that said here's the second instalment of them;

We play a card game called Donkey which can turn rather violent if the people playing it are competitive. 
Both Kassie and I were out at this point and the boys were battling over a spoon!
And grab the spoon!

No its mine!!!!
 Every evening we went for a walk, but both Kassie and Shaun were rather partial to the churos from the little shop we passed on route;

A rather happy Kassie.

They packed them full.

All mine!!!!!

A snuggle for the man that payed.

They had a great time.

The sunsets were beautiful

 The sunsets were an amazing light show for free.

One of our day trips was to La Rochelle.

No singing please...

And no its not the Titanic.

Thats better.
The city hall is stunning.

Even Kassie gave it the thumbs up!

We sat for our frugal lunch by the harbour, no expensive cafes for us!

Thankfully no one fell in!

The boats were amazing.

As was the view back into the city.

It was great for Kassie to show her boyfriend the sites she had grown up holidaying in and around.

As for the teenagers, well they stayed sunning themselves at the beach with all the mates they had made.

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  1. Gorgeous!! Love the sunset photos : )


  2. I enjoy seeing holiday pictures.It does look lovely.

  3. Looks absolutely fabulous. Such precious memories. Glad you had an amazing time.

    Arwedd xx


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