Sunday, 19 August 2012

And On The 7th Day He Rested.....

Don't worry I'm not about to quote scripture at you.

What I am referring to is the news if possible extended Sunday opening hours.

As you know I work in a retail environment and have in the past had to work Sundays.
But what I feel the government is missing is the fact that shop staff no longer want to.

Gone are the days of double pay on a Sunday and to implement it again would mean many more companies going bust.

And lets be fair is you have £20 to spend you will still only spend £20.
Extending hours will not make you spend more!

And that's not even thinking about family life.
For most families Sundays is the only day they spend as a family.

Yes of course it also impacts on faith.

So what's your thoughts on this topic?

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  1. Completely agree. No Need for any extra on a Sunday. Day of rest/pottering etc And as you say only a finite amount of money in the pot to spend. Makes little impact having longer hours.

  2. In England, you guys have shorter Sunday trading hours than we do in Scotland. Having worked in retail, I don't object to it in principal - I can understand that businesses want the best possible chance to reach the largest amount of people. That said, I'd love it if we turned back time a bit and stores closed fully Xmas day/Boxing day and 1st and 2nd Jan. What does anyone need that urgently?!

  3. Could not agree more. Faith issues aside, can we not just sort ourselves out so we potter or visit or just chill? Let people who work in retail have the time off without pressure from employers and let the smaller shops close knowing that the big ones have had to do so.

  4. I agree. As an atheist I don't have any issue with faith or worship, it's just like you say, if you've only got £20 to spend it's not going to make one iota of difference if the shops are open a couple of hours longer. x

  5. Totally agree-I work in retail and the weekend work are the worst parts of it. I hate having to work saturdays and the only thing that makes sunday bareable is a late start and an early finish. I hope these longer sunday trading days don't become the norm.
    Xo Amie

  6. I agree I think shops should not open on a Sunday. I remember back in the 80's the newsagents would be open till midday and that was it. Sunday should be a family day, I never go shopping on a Sunday.
    Plus you can shop online on a Sunday if you wanted too!

  7. I agree, shorter opening hours on Sunday woud get my vote.

  8. Lets hope it is all the youngsters desperate for a weekend job that get the Sunday work x

  9. I have to admit that I like being able to shop on Sunday's but I think the current hours are sufficient, there is really no need to extend them. Maybe I'd change my mind if I had a young family, I love the idea of all sitting around for a roast lunch...


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