Thursday, 23 August 2012

Who Would Want To Be A Teenager?!!

Today my youngest, like many others got her GCSE results.

And whilst they weren't quite what she would have liked, they were far from disastrous.

But the stress they caused has been awful.

She missed getting her 6th form place by 0.03 of a point!

All due to them placing her for a spanish exam we specifically told them not too!
(in which case she was well over the points. Typical)

So we had a hour and a half of uncertainty of her place. And although she has places at three other colleges should she want them, her heart was set on staying on to 6th form.

After a long chat with the headmaster, deputy head, head of year and head of sciences a provisional place has been granted subject to one more senior tutors agreement.
(keep your fingers crossed and say lots of prayer for her please)

So at least for now all the tears have been dried and a smile is back in place and she has returned to the challenge a little happier.

I can't remember being this stressed for my own results!

A very large glass of wine will be making an appearance tonight I feel!

If you have or your child has had results today I do hope all has gone well.

It was shocking how many A* students got Bs and Cs.

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  1. Is GCSE a European exam? We have similar exams here in the states they're called the AP exams and you can get a 1-5 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.
    I had to take a couple of those and it was super stressful, and one of my friends got a 1 on her exam and she was crying and it was terrible. These exams cause so much stress!

  2. Bloody schools, poor girl what a joke! Hope it all gets sorted. x

  3. Such a horrid, stressful time for families.
    Thinking of you and praying for you all xx

  4. I saw the same today - it was a tough year. Fingers crossed for your daughter.

  5. Ah bless her fingers crossed for her to. I have a feeling she will be ok and it will work out ok. I think they know that that she has a good support network in place. You enjoy your glass of wine to x sound like it will be a glass of de stress x how's the yoga going x x

  6. They would choose this year to mark down all the levels and a levels wouldnt they.My daughter was upset with hers as these as levels(same as your daughters) affect future plans my dd has to apply for uni with her as grades and uni enrty levels have gone up.Sad thing is once you get to Alevels once you are actually in to 6th form they are not looked e relevant.Fingers crossed it all goes well.i feel your stress as this is how it was in this house a week ago.

  7. Hope all went well in the end. It really is horrible isn't it?

  8. do you know i hardly remember getting my exam results, i think far too much pressure is put on teenagers nowadays to get a's andgo to university. It never entered my head to go to uni, and i think i was far from stupid! i just go a job to earn some money (crap money i might add, but it was a wage and that was all that mattered at the time) Now, looking back, i don;t think me going to uni or getting a ton of A's in my exams would have made me any more fullfilled or happy than i am.
    I'm glad she got her 6th form place, as thats what she really wanted :)


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