Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Charity Shopping....

Now if I pass a charity shop in a new town I just have to pop in to see what is on offer and yesterday was no exception.

The first one I popped into was selling things as ridiculously high prices and I didn't see anyone spending any money at all.

However the second one was packed and had a queue at the till, as all the prices were reasonable.

Here are the few items I purchased:

A 50p Yoga DVD

A lace shirt, black top with sequin detail and a beautiful Oasis skirt

The detailing on the skirt is lovely and its a thick wool.
Unfortunately its a little too small for me so will be heading for eBay.

The black top will be fine for work.

And the girls are having a battle over who is going to have the lace top!

Black suit jacket (Dorothy Perkins), Linen jacket (Wallis) and brown leather sandals (Tesco)
 The suit jacket will be great as a spare for Ash for 6th form.

I am keeping the linen Jacket to use my self.

Sadly these are only a size 3 so they too will be heading for eBay.

Not a bad little haul I thought.

So what bargains have you bagged lately?

X x


  1. Great finds love the dress what is your ebay address ? and erm are we still wearing pointed toe shoes Jan xx

  2. lovely finds. You are having more luck than me lately. Athough I am on a spending ban...

  3. Loving that Wallis jacket and the Oasis skirt! x

  4. That's an amazing haul! What a shame those shoes are so tiny.
    I'm on a spending ban so have tried to avoid shops of every kind altogether.


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