Monday, 20 August 2012

A Rumble In The Jumble....

Last Saturday I went for a little rummage at out local jumble sale, seeing as I had to wait for Ashleigh to arrive home.

And what a lot of goodies I found:

I managed to get a fantastic quality rain mac for Ashleigh, which should mean she will stop stealing mine with a bit of luck!

A white blouse that she can use for 6th form.

A cream blouse that will be great for work, still with tags on!

A black Dorothy Perkins cord skirt and a M&S skirt, as well as a mans linen white shirt.(all destined for eBay)

A ladies dress, mans white shirt and ladies M&S skirt. (all to added to eBay).

A leopard print blouse which I shall be keeping.

And masses of baby clothes which may be of use to my niece, who is expecting her first baby.

All this and I only spent £5.
Bargain or what!

X x


  1. A definite bargain! I would love the leopard blouse!

  2. wow what a haul! do you sell a lot on ebay?

  3. I like good rumble in the jumble lol. Great finds x

  4. jumble sales are clearly where it's at! x

  5. You can't beat a jumble sale for fun and bargains! x

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