Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Its The Good Life Once Again....

In more ways than one!

So what to do on a typical crappy bank holiday?

Yes of course we went allotmenting.
(Just call me Barbara!)

Empty space where the early potatoes have been dug out.

Mange tout are almost finished, but runner beans are still thriving.

 It's looking very different now.

Tomatoes are finally turning red.

And the cucumbers have gone crazy.

And I must admit a few hours digging and weeding is such good therapy, plus it's free which is even better!

Yummy courgettes.

And to add to it I always come home with masses of goodies.

What I forgot to photo where the two carrier bags full of runner beans.

My freezer is full of them!

We also popped in to see aVW camper van too.
And whilst it was nice it wasn't quite what we wanted so the search continues.

So how did you spend your bank holiday?

Isn't it typical that today is glorious sunshine?!

X x


  1. Today is gorgeous! Look at your crops, ours are terrible this year, even the potatoes have blight!
    Campervans? Feel free to email me (goanmad@hotmail.com) with any questions, Jon's an expert! Be prepared to spend every waking hour messing around with the engine, they really are a labour of love and definitely not for the feint-hearted (as you'll no doubt learn from the Beetle). Don't get carried away at Vanfest, take your time and think carefully, a couple we knew bought a ringer from there! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix. I will most defiantly be asking both your and Jons advice. Andy is already reading up on the idiots guide to vws. I'd like to say he was fab with engines but that's not true!

      X x

  2. It must be wonderful to grow your own veg. The only thing I don't get is "yummy" courgettes, I always think they are tasteless and never buy them on that basis, so you may have to enlighten me with how to cook them!

    1. It's strange the things we like and dislike isn't it? I love them fried, but also have them stuffed and in lasagne instead of pasta sheets. We have a glut of them and of cucumbers. Not to sure what to do with all the cucumbers, I can't give them away quick enough.

      X x

  3. Replies
    1. It's saved us a few pennies I can tell you. That and kept us a little fitter too.

      X x


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