Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Home From Home...

This is what we are spending our weekend away in:

Our van.
Not a tiny one but a very comfy home from home.

Great seating where we sit or lay and watch TV

It has satellite and solar panels too.

Or to chill with a wine and a good book.

The large window is great for letting lots of light in.

A kitchen area to cook our yummy grub.

With a proper fridge freezer, oven and a microwave.

An extremely comfy bed.

It pulls out slightly to make to full size.
Soo easy.

Lots of wardrobe space.

And cupboards.

His and her wardrobes.
Yes mine is the larger of the two.

No changing seating to make up the bed anymore.
Thank said they can be used as an extra double bed in case its needed.

And a TV to watch in bed if you want or are just too lazy to get up!

And an end bathroom.

 (Excuse the water butt in the shower and hand soap in the sink)

I do like my light up mirror.

Very comfortable, in fact it's more comfy that most budget hotel rooms.

And at £10 a night for most sites, including water and electricity, it makes for a cheap holiday or two.
or three or fours or five.....

X x


  1. My friends have one and they love it, they are always shooting off somewhere for the weekend.
    Looks fantastic xx

  2. We spend all our holidays in something slightly larger with Eurocamp. It has made foreign holidays affordable for a family of sic (seven including my mum).


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