Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rocking Kate Style...

Well if its good enough for Kate then its good enough for me.

Well that and I have always loved a good old stripy top.

After all whats not to love?
Now if only I could look like her too....


Not quite the hot sunny day here today but dry never the less.
And no allotment or gardening as I'm knackered!

That said I have had the sewing machine out.
Watch this space for a special DIY preview very soon.

X x

An update on my  1000 items challenge.

 Total has increased to 470

Still 530 to go
I WILL be at the half way mark by the end of this week.

Total sales are up a little to £768
(£9 added from 4 more sales)

 X x


  1. A fab top, looks just as good as the inspiration! Dying to see what you've been creating! x

  2. Snap. I'm wearing a very similar top today. Look forward to your big sewing reveal. X

  3. Great top, I just love Kate's style xx

  4. I have a decent collection of stripy tops myself. Looking forward to your new project reveal.

  5. Believe it or not, I've only just bought a breton in this colour way and I'm wearing it so much! It's just effortless stylish and you look great in yours. Happy Easter lovely! X

  6. Great look, you are so rocking this look :) I have a light jumper like this, I might copy this look today :)

  7. A great look, always my favourite outfit combination! x


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