Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Made By Me!

Other than sewing my cushion covers and Ashleigh's memory throw before Christmas, my last sewing was back at school.
(And that was far too many years to mention)

So after purchasing all this lovely fabric I knew I had to finally bite the bullet and make something wearable.
Well, I hoped it would be wearable anyway.

And the first result is this top:

Far from perfect.
It should have just crossed over but wasn't quite covering my boobies, hence the pink fabric to save my dignity.
That will teach me for not using a proper pattern.

But it works and its wearable so win win in my book.

The total cost £4.
Not bad really.

Now lets see if the rest of my sewing can be an improvement on this.

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  1. I handmade some curtains for my daughters bedroom a couple of years ago but don't think I could possibly attempt clothes! You did well honey x

  2. Trayci thats really nice and I do love that fabric!! I would really love to be able to make my own clothes. Dod you watch The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC2 recently.,..loved this x

  3. Wow! You did a great job there! love it. x

  4. Hello Tracyi- I came over to say I liked your pretty dress in Creative Mondays features but this top is gorgeous- clever you to make it! I actually like it with the strip of pink material- really pretty!x

  5. Looks nice and you did well on styling it too! Loving your shoes!

  6. That's fab! I start a dressmaking course today. I need to go to that fabric warehouse.


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