Thursday, 10 April 2014

Short But Sweet...

No real excitement today, not that I have an exciting life you understand.
And to be fair of that I am glad.
Boring and quiet is fine by me.

TShirt - Pull & Bear
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Debenhams

A visit from my mom and sister was a nice surprise.
Any excuse for a natter with them and I am quite content.

X x

An update on my  1000 items challenge.

 Total listed still sits at 430
(None added today)

Still 570 to go

Total Sales £714

 X x


  1. It's lovely to have an unexpected visit from family. I've got my mum and dad coming round on Sunday for dinner.

    1. Me too. Well my mom and the inlaws. I do love family get together.

      X x

  2. I prefer quite too. Been a mad week with all 4 children off school and back and forward to London with picking my race number up. Love the colour of your jeans :)


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