Friday, 25 February 2011

In the words of Ashley Simpson "I just wanna colour outside the lines! Cause I'm a rulebreaker!"

As you know I have to be very corporate for my day to day outfits, which when you see all the lovely outfits that others bloggers are wearing daily it really seems unfair! However I have never been one to play completely by the rules, something that used to get me into a fair bit of trouble I can tell you! And in true Trayci fashion have managed to bend rules ever so slightly to be able to add a little more colour!

Primark blouse (years old), H&M skirt (from America again years old), Adsa tights, Old thrifted leather boots and an assortment of jewelry from across the years.

Not quite the black and white theme I should be following!

I am loving the colour block trend that is to be around for the summer months and wanted to add more into my boring work routine. Luckily for me the sessions I have been taking meant I got away with the dress sense!

Sitting down on the job!
Rules broken in said dress code?

Not too sure what I'm messing with!

A grand total of 4!
No boots unless under trousers,
Black and white colour pallet,
Plain black or nude tights only,
No colourful jewelry.

And to add even more colour I added one of my favourite bags that was brought back from Thailand by my mother-in-law for me.

Favourite handbag

Even more wonderful colour.

Love it!

So what rules have you broken lately?


  1. Looking pretty in pink, Trayci! that bag is gorgeous, too. I'm a very bad girl and always breaking the rules. Life would be pretty dull if we didn't xxx

  2. Thanks Vix. You know I thought you would like the bag! I love it, in fact I keep asking them to go back so they can bring me more! If all else fails I shall have to schedule it for our next holiday!

    Glad I'm not the only rebel out there. Noo true life would be boring especially with a bunch of folks in suits!

    So glad Helga is ok, she gave us quite a scare for a while!

    X x x

  3. Rules were made to be broken! I LOVE the pink on you x


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