Monday, 28 February 2011

The morning after the night before! (& the day & the night & the day before that too!)

Ok so lets not beat around the bush. 
I am Knackered. 
In fact I feel as if I have been run over by an arctic lorry! (not that I want to ever truly know what that feels like thank you!) 
My legs  are so stiff it's not even funny! 
How unfit am I!!!


However onwards and upwards as they say.

To day I am off on a course and won't be home till tomorrow.
The title of the course?

"Image and Impact!"

So you never know I might learn s few things that I can pass on!

 I don't really like staying away from home unless I have to and although this is commutable it will be the last chance we all get to meet up, so we are taking the opportunity to have a meal out together. It's almost the end of a year long course run by my company for insiprational leaders of the future! Sound posh eh! and if I'm honest I will be sad for it to end. I have made a few good friends within head office depatments and I hope we will all stay in touch. It has been odd, as out of a 14 strong group there are only two ladies and both of us are called Trayci/Tracy. Even our last names begin with the same intial!

So I am now off to stay in the Clumber Park Hotel in Worksop.

It has a spa and gym, but I don't think I am up anything more strenous than a gentle stroll and perhaps a swim.

As it is casual I am very comfy today. 

Top - Top Shop (Thrifted),  Jeans - Primark, Shoes - Gifted and customised by daughter 
A little bit of an 80s vibe going on I feel.

Love them as they are unique.

Jewellery - purchase from France

I am lucky that I recieved my shoes as a gift from my eldest last year so please excuse any marks on them!

Well I'm off to take a few more pain killers before my drive. Beloved hubby has loaned me his comfy BMW so it won't kill my legs. Bless him.

Enjoy your day.

X x x


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous, the jewellery especially!

  2. Hi my dear-have a great time, thats such a casual chic outfit and the shoes are just fabulous, very unique and stylish!! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous and you rock those 1980's shoes.
    Love the Indian bracelet. Have a wonderful chill out. xxx

  4. those shoes are incredible, what a fantastic gift! Also love the bracelet thing, it's amazing!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. I like your outfit, casual yet chic. Good luck on your last day of the course, it sounds very

  6. Love the outfit looks great x


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