Sunday, 27 February 2011

Simple maths. Add, subtract and equalise!

Firstly take three people. A fit hubby (meaning as in fitness although I obviously think he is rather fit too!), a nephew and me.

Then factor in one very large mountain by the name of Snowdon. (gulp)

Subtract any fitness level at all on my behalf. (well I do sit on my bottom most of the day!)

Add an extra two miles to the base of Snowdon due to the car park being full. (not even funny as it was up hill)

And finally add in a lot of moaning! (due to steep climbs, not been able to breath,cold and snow! It even snowed at the top!)

Equals my first practice mountain completed in four and a half hours!

Trust me that is a huge achievement for me! When we do it for the three peaks challenge it needs to be completed in four hours and to be fair to hubby and nephew they would have completed it well under if they hadnt had to keep stopping for me! (yes I did feel guilty but I had to rest!)

In total we climbed to 1085m above sea level and walked with the extra walking around 12 miles!

The state of play today? My legs ache lots! But the sense of achievement is huge. I know I drove them mad with my moaning but my fitness level is shocking so it can only get better.

So am I resting today? Taking it easy? Regrettably no!! Off to climb a big hill called the Wrekin. So if you hear moaning you'll know it's only me. Wish me luck!


  1. Well done! You're a braver woman than I . xxx

  2. Hi my dear-very well done to you, a massive achievement and good luck for todays one!! xx

  3. Thanks both. Back home now and feeling a little more human after a shower! Enjoying my crabbies beer now, think I have earnt it! Mind you my thighs are burning! Lmao!

    Still I've got a chilled couple of days as I'm off on a course. I hope the don't have any activities planned for us!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    X x

  4. You are amazing haha, I'd have quit at the carpark!

  5. Congrats, that a huge achievement xx

  6. Hi, just spotted over on Afeitar's blog that you're doing the Three Peaks - me too! Four and a half hours for Snowdon sounds bloody good to me. I've climbed Scafell Pike before and am well aware that that's the smallest of the three! Eep! :O

  7. Hey Lucy. Nice to meet you

    Good t hear that someone else will be doing the three peaks challenge! I do it the week before you do and must admit I'm terrified!

    I've had a peak at you blog and will be following along. Be good to exchange training tips, although you do seem very fit unlike me!!

    X x x


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