Monday, 21 February 2011

Reasons to smile

Just thought I would share with you my top things that have made me smile last week.

1. A random text from hubby telling me he's just eaten my bottom! (meaning of course the valentine cookies I made him!) It made me chuckle out loud during a meeting. (not very professional)

2. My youngest being soo thankful for me nursing her, due to her being ill from school. Kind of reminded me of when she was a little girl wanting mommy love.

3. Having a family holiday booked to look forward to and for also giving me the motivation to loose those few extra pounds in order to look better in the bikini.

4. The arrival of our xbox kinect. So much fun! I just hope it gets used more than the wii, which has been unloved for a while.

5. Sunny days. Whilst it's still been cold it still amazes me how much better I feel if it's sunny.

So what made you smile last week?


  1. A lovely list here my dear!! The main thing that made me smile last week was knowing I had this week off-bliss, lol!! Have a good week! xx

  2. Thank you Hun.

    Lucky you having a whole week off. Hope you have a lovely one with lots of nice things planned. I have to work all week! Mind you the youngest has a much better social life than me so doesn't miss me! Sad I know.

    Have a great week.

    X x

  3. Sunshine always makes me smile, unfortunately it's been sadly lacking here today.
    What's making me happy? My teacher friends have broken up from school we can have pub lunches and charity shop sprees! Hooray! xxx


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