Thursday, 10 February 2011

Venice Part 2

A little later than planned but here are a few more pics from Venice.

On our first evening we had an explore.
It really is stunning by night.

Even quite Phantom of the Opera!

The following morning we sussed out the water bus time table, or rather hubby did!

And caught the water bus to Piazza San Marco.
Seeing a chair delivery was rather strange!

The weather was again sunny and we went to the top of the Campanile to see the views.

The views were truly breathtaking. We could see for miles!
The Campanile itself is 323ft high, to it's spire and considering my hubby does not do heights I think he did very well!

We then took a stroll around to take in the views.

San Marco is very beautiful even with work taking place.
(Andy calls them the Trayci birthday works as every year where ever we go work is taking place due to being out of season! Andy's favourite saying "what a stupid time to have a birthday!" charming eh!!)

We continued on with a stroll to take in more sights.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Much love Trayci


  1. Absolutely stunning! The weather looks fab, too. I always wanted to see the Gateway to India in Mumbai and it was sod's law the blessed place was covered in scaffolding when we got there. Giood excuse to go back! xxx

  2. I bet even with it covered in scaffolding it looked beautiful! Like you said though a great excuse to go back to places!

    Have a lovely day Vix x x x

  3. it looks like a fantastic vacantion!! italy is very pretty:)

  4. Welcome.

    It was thank you. Very beautiful. You realise just how noisy it is back home and what a difference it makes not having any cars at all!

    Much love Trayci


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