Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hip Hip Horray, We've booked a holiday.


We have booked our summer holiday!

My hubby, bless him thinks he is Judith Chalmers! He is far from happy unless he has at least one holiday lined up and was getting very unhappy due to the fact that our holiday wasn't booked. Now I have a happy hubby, for a short time at least.

So where are we off to?


Hubby and youngest went two years back without me (a case of them having much more time off than me!) and they have been desperate to get me there ever since. Last time they swam with whale sharks, I some how don't think I want to do that, but never say never eh!  

They looked Huge!

But very graceful.

So any tips or hits of what to see or do whilst we are out there would be more than well come.

Much love
X x  


  1. I know how your husband feels, Trayci! I have to have a holiday to look forwrad to and haven't sorted my next flight. I'm dying to hear more about Mexico. If you visit La Dama at Vintage Passions Just Like Mine (on my blogroll) you'll meet a real life Mexican beauty now living in the UK. She's fabulous and has some amazing authetic recipes on her blog if you have a browse through. xxx

  2. Thanks Vix, I will.

    Sounds like you need to book your next adventure too! It's currently looking for a cheap weekend away whilst the flights are fairly cheap. That should make him even happier!!

    X x


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