Saturday, 12 February 2011

Aged to perfection, like a fine bottle of wine!

40 And Proud!

Just wanted to share my 40th birthday with you. As you know I was in Venice to celebrate it and had a fantastic time. Even spending a few minutes of it in Casanovas cell!

It was a enjoyable day.

On the evening on my birthday we went to a beautiful restaurant for a slap up meal and a large bottle of wine.

Hubby looked dashing!

Venice left me with some very happy memories.

 When we returned home in was birthday number two!
Hubby got me not one but six cards! A little excessive don't you think?!
However each one represented a side of me.

The "Shout it from the roof tops it's my birthday!" card.    Along with the "How old!" card.
Then came the "misery" card, as I always have a grumpy week before my birthday.
Of course the soppy wife card.

And lastly the funnies. One as I am happy to show up my kids, which as you can imagine they hate! and the other as hubby thinks I can be a little cheeky shall we say!

As for gifts, I had some lovely things. My favourite had to be my Raybans! I had not one pair but two.

I love the detail on the inside.

Hubby also got me some beautiful Janet Reger underwear.

I had a beautiful bag from my sister, strawberry and champagne jam from my nephew (yummy), a tagine (as mine had broken, lots of chocs, silver frame, one of my favourite perfumes from my best friend, along with far to many other things to mention!

Lets just say I was well and truly spoilt!
I now even have birthday money to spend. Oh what to buy??
Hope you all have fantastic plans for the weekend. Mine will be baking valentine cookies for hubby!


Much love.
X x x 


  1. Talk about spoilt! You are a lucky girl. xxx

  2. 6 cards! Wow! Mine doesn't even do one - seriously! Haha! Love the raybans. I tend not to do expensive sunnies as I know I'll only lose or break them but it sure as hell doesn't mean I don't enjoy them!

  3. Thanks Vix I was!

    I don't normally get that many Llara, so it's a sign it was a special birthday. I've never owned an expensive pair of sun glasses before so I will try very hard not to sit on them.

    Much love x x x

  4. You really were spoilt you lucky girl! I love the ray bans and ADORE the bag, it's gorgeous!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. Thanks Hannah. I really was spooky!

    X x x


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