Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A complement indeed!

Last night I received a call  from my supper stylish eldest daughter. Nothing too unusual granted, however the request that followed most definitely was.

"Please may I borrow something to wear?"


To say I was gob smacked was an understatement! You see she has for many years worked in the fashion industry and along with that comes masses stylish clothes, so it is usually a request made the other way around!

The reason for the request? An interview. Dearest girl is wanting to set up home with her lovely boyfriend and is needing a higher salary to do that. So proud that she is so committed!

So as she exited our house last night she took with her 5 dresses that looked 100% more fabulous on her than me but that didn't matter as she has made my day! 

Kassie and I in Rome at the Trevi Fountain

I'm a stylish mommy don't you know! 

Get me!


  1. I do know that you're a stylish mummy and so does your beautiful daughter, obviously! xxx

  2. How lovely indeed, that must make you feel so nice and certainly you are a yummy mummy for sure! xx


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