Saturday, 26 February 2011

Work and Play (Minus the Play!)

As it's been a little busy with work this week I don't really have any play outfits to share.
Sad I know. But by the time I've got home it has just been food, a little rubbish TV and then bed. And I have been too shattered to be bothered to get changed for such a short time.

So heres what the week saw me wearing:


Dress - River Island (the detailing across the bottom is lovely and it has a bow on at the back too)
Tights - Tesco, Shoes - Primark

Dress - ASOS ( love this dress and how the front creates a point of interest, hence two pictures!)
Tights - Tesco, Shoes - Primark, Jewellery - Gifted.

Dress - Asda, Scarf - thrifted, Jewellery - Gift, Tights - Bhs, Shoes - New Look
Skirt - H&M (very old but love the detail with silk strip at the bottom and the buttons on front,
Top - Thrifted, Jewellery - gifted or thrifted.

Shoes - New Look (pretty detailing)

You can't quite see but the shoe has kind of a button nose!


As already seen. My rule breaking outfit!
 So as I said no play this week!
After three all say ahhh!!
1, 2, 3

Next week I shall make I you do.

Happy weekend to all. i do hope you have a good one.

Much love x x

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