Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Count down to Three Peaks?

3 days and too few hours!

And disaster strikes...

After a training walk, like most nights up and over Wrekin I have developed a blister!

In fact I have rubbed through my blister and it has bled like crazy.

I'm so miffed!

No more training walks, as I had planned for every night till Friday.

And it's not only me hubby has developed one too.
(think he is more gutted than me)

But chin up.

Tonight I shall iron all our kit and get it packed ready.
Order all the food we need to cater for 30 people, along with Champagne to celebrate too.

The weather forecast is still looking like rain, just for a change, but I am praying that this won't be the case.

Here's my kit so far:

And this is still not the finished amount.

Three more pairs of socks still to add. would you believe 7 pairs of socks cost us £100!

  Included so far are:
Waterproof jacket, Fleece, Jumper, numerous socks (more to be added)

Two strappy walking tops, one tshirt and one long sleeved base layer,

2ltr platypus, head torch, extra torch, drugs (only pain killers don't worry!), hand gel, micro pore, blister plasters plus normal plasters, Kendal mint cake, whistle and compass, pain relief gel, spare laces, sunglasses (well you can but hope!), tissues, insect repellent, baseball cap, gloves x 2, woolly hat and scarf.

We look like two hunchbacks when we walk in our capes!

Trusty cape (works like a dream) and towel.

And of course my trusty back pack to lug up the mountains.

Of course I still have my camera, gps, maps, boots, poles and gaiters to pack along with snacks, energy bars, pillow and blanket for the car.

Even the eye masks and ear plugs usually only used on the plane will be making an appearance!


A little.


A lot!

X x


  1. Oh no! Your poor foot! Hope it's mended by Friday.
    The forecast was appaling for today and tomorrow but it's not looking too bad now, hopefully it'll be wrong for the weeeknd, too. xxx

  2. Hi there-I wish you a speedy recovery and hope it all goes well for you, you are very well prepared!! xx

  3. Eeek! But you probably shouldn't be training too hard in the last couple of days anyway... I'm stressing like mad about mine next week, will be thinking of you this weekend! xxx

  4. your doing the 3 peaks!! eeeee! I have some friends that have done it! Hard! you'll feel great after though, and i really hope your blister goes!

  5. Have fun!

  6. Ouch!! Lots of foot soaks for you m'dear. Save your energy for the big day though - you must be at full fitness now so missing a walk or two won't hurt, I'm sure.

    You'll be fine as long as you have Mindle Cake (as Kendal Mint Cake is known in our house). It is the stuff of champions!

  7. Wow! Good luck! I love platypuses!


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