Thursday, 30 June 2011

Yet Another Month Passes!

Good grief, today is the last day of June!

Would you believe that June has passed us by?

Where did it go?

So in an attempt to remind myself that it was with us for the whole 30 days I thought I would look back at what I actually did.

A little bit of charity shopping was done;

We had a family outing to the Imax on a washed out Bank holiday.
I didn't get a job, but I didn't cry into my cornflakes about it.
Finally I got my shoes looked after.
Hubbys car was repaired after my bump!
Lots of practice walking was happening.
We visited a beautiful national trust property.

I got a blister days before my Three peaks challenge.
Three Peaks success!
I was Gleeked.

If you ask me that's a fairly full month, no wonder it passed me by in a haze!

Now whats happening in July?

X x


  1. The whole of June has passed in a blur of walking for me, so glad it's over and I get some free time back!! :) xx

  2. Let's hope July's as exciting as June was, eh? Mine was a haze of booze, Glasto, car boots and pubs. xxx

  3. haha you've been busy! what kind of job are you looking for?

  4. Hi my dear-sounds like a fun, hectic month with much achievements too-hope you get some nice relaxing time in July, well done !! xxx

  5. I'm a retail training officer Claire but I'm only on secondment, which means I could go back to being a store manager after 12 months. Having said that I have been out of store for over two years working with the training department, so I'm keeping everything crossed that something might come up!

    X x

  6. I have given you an award and tag on my blog xx

  7. I cannot believe it too. It went so fast.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

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