Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally Feeling Human Again. (Apart For Being a Gleek!)

After what seems like months of sleep I am now beginning to feel more human.

It's so unreal how much a challenge like the Three Peaks takes it out of you.

I knew I would be shattered and had booked a few days to recover, which a friendly work colleague ignored and booked in meetings for me! Bless em! (not quite the words I used but I shall save your innocent eyes!)I had to be missing in action for the Mondays meeting, making me a little unpopular but you would have thought that they would have understood right?!
Tuesday's meeting I made but how I focused is beyond me! 
Wednesday I drove 3 hours to Wales for a meeting and then 3 hours home!
Thursday was local, thankfully, as was Friday. 

So much for recovery time eh! Thanks guys!!

My bites are starting to heal.
Bites when I first arrived home

These were all over my body, including my face!

Healing slowly, but at least not as itchy now!

They have been driving me mad. I have had to take piriton as well as antihistamine cream too.

As for my blistered finger,

Blister from holding my stick.
All healed.

Well that's all better too.

If it wasn't for my achy knees my body would feel fairly normal!

I started back at swimming Friday, walking Sunday and classes begin in again this week.

Holiday body here I come!

What a beautiful weekend we have had.

Saturday saw us in London at the O2 to see Glee!
Sad you might say but you know what?

Glee blimp

Our tickets.

The three Gleeks


 They were Fantastic!

 One of the strangest things was seeing masses of smurfs every where!

Masses of blue smurfs all trying to break some sort of smurf record. Very strange!

After Glee we headed for refreshments in Starbucks.

Ash texting as usual!

Can you tell I was a little hot?

My nephew looking very chilled, yes the tshirt is correct!

Even better I managed to get two new pairs of shoes.
In my eyes that covered two and a half mountains.
(Well one pair were in the sale!)

Photos to follow soon.

Enjoy your week.

X x


  1. Youch those bites! They look so sore.
    How have you even managed to get out of bed after that huge task? I'd still be asleep.

  2. Hey pet, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you, last week was totally manic as I'm sure you understand but just wanted to say thanks so much for all the info and tips you gave me - especially the midges! I doused myself in deet at the bottom of Ben Nevis and haven't been bitten at all. Blog post coming up so I'll keep you in suspenders about whether or not I finished, but I do have a lovely blister pic to share! xxx

  3. Your more than welcome Hun. Been thinking of you all weekend! Hope you weren't too hot with this lovely weather!

    Can't wait or your post. I'm sure you will have completed it.

    Ouch on the blister!

    X x

  4. eeeek those bits look sore!!

  5. Hi there-sounds like you all had a fabulous time and hope you're feeling better too! Have a great week xxx


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