Thursday, 16 June 2011

Don't You Just Love Hand Me downs!

Well not exactly hand me downs as hand me ups!

Why ups?

Well my youngest has finally gotten around to tidying her room.

This means I now have a huge bag of clothes to eBay on her behalf, providing her with more money for more clothes. Clever thinking dear child.

What this means for me is lots of hand me ups!

1 playsuit, 3 dresses and a heap of accessories too = 1 happy mommy!

Don't worry I am not intending to be mutton dressed as lamb. all of long enough to cover my modesty and more and do not look like I am trying to be 16 again either.

So today I have donned one of my hand me up dresses.

A dress purchased around 2 years ago from the ideal home exhibition believe it or not.
Think it cost around £7, which when you think cost per wear has been well worth it.

It has the a lovely lace collar;
Pretty lace detail

As well as edging to the bottom of the dress.
The fabric is satin and feels divine.

Silky spotty dress.

To finish the outfit I have worn a trusty part of flats that will hopefully be ok on my healing blister.

Shoes - New Look, years old
Cute cut out detail on the front.

Well I am off to prepare even more Three Peaks packing and to take the shopping to the in laws as they are part of the support group.

X x 


  1. Oh that is pretty! I'm really pleased I'm now approaching a size where I can pinch the odd thing from my Mum's wardrobe and vice versa. It's like free shopping!

  2. That dress is gorgeous I have one very similar from Asos it cost me a lot more than £7....what a bargain you got there.


  3. That is a pretty dress, I love the collar.
    I hate that expression, "mutton dressed as lamb", wear what you like and what makes you feel confident and happy and stuff any labels inadequate people use. xxx

  4. That's gorgeous, you look great x

  5. You've probably already set off and if you haven't your mind is probably elsewhere, but just wanted to pop on and say I'm thinking of you - very best luck for the Three Peaks, and when you come back make it sound like it was easy and good fun for me please!! Go Go Go!!! xx


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