Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Having A Grey Day

But only grey as in the outfit colour!

To be fair it's been a good day.

Hubby's BMW has been returned minus the scrape across the wheel arch and the clumpy Audi has been returned to the hire company.
Can't say I was sorry to see it go either, not the most comfy drive and oh so complicated!

As for my greyness?

Well it was in the shape of a very old dress.

Dress - River Island years old
Still smart enough for work but for how much longer I'm not too sure.

Belt - Primark

I love the cut out detail at the back.

Excuse the tag showing!
A plait had to be done, I did tidy it up a little before work mind.

Accessories were simple.

Earrings - gifted
I'd forgotten I had these, I just happened to find them at  the bottom of my draw!

Cuff - Wallis

And a newly heeled pair of shoes finished the outfit off.

Hubby calls these my Miss Marple shoes, cause he doesn't like them.

Cheeky devil!

X x


  1. I do love the power of grey. Always seems so posh, even if the dress is old. Classic. Classy.

  2. Pfft, what does he know? I love them! Mind you, I love Miss Marple too so I'm not sure that's too helpful...

    The double belt is fab.

  3. I love grey, it seems to go with anything and looks smart without feeling intimidating.
    Men? Huh! What do they know. xxx

  4. I love plaits and that dress is lovely xx

  5. Hi there-a chic outfit and I love your earrings! Have a nice weekend x

  6. Love the dress. Great back detail.

  7. Men have no idea haha! I love the cut out detailing too! Its a gorgeous dress!


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