Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One Fountain.....One Beach.... Many Years Of Happiness.....

Remember this fountain;

And this beach;

From this years holiday?

Well here are a few more pictures of the same fountain and beach from across the years;

Me with no fashion sense and huge glasses hugging a very young Kassie.
Joined by my nephew and niece.
(she's now 18 and he is 21!)

Andy doing what he does best, having fun!
Joined by all of above plus my middle nephew and mother in law.

Hubby and I.

A very cute Ashleigh Mae.
I have a feeling this would have been a "your not brushing my hair!" day!

One Beach...

Ashleigh refusing to stay under the umbrella.

With a chocolate mustashe.

A grumpy Trayci after a late evening swim.

Andy soaking wet after jumping waves the same evening.

Ashleigh flashing her pants!

A skinny me.
(Where did that body go?)

I am hoping she's paddling here and not peeing, bless her. 

Nice to see she started posing early.

A very happy paddler.

My niece and I after surfing the waves.
(A surf board covers a multitude of sins)

One of my favourite photos of the three of us.

Ashleigh with beautifully long hair.
(Amazingly enough she is growing back after looking at these photos)

Sunset and a windswept me.

My version of a kiss curl.

Kassie and Shaun admiring the sunset.
Wonderful memories from across the years.

I will always hold a soft spot for Bretignolles because of the happy times we had.

X x


  1. Awww, how lovely that you created such memories in the same place! x

  2. awwww Trayci such wonderful photos

    I think you are similiar to me in that we are both very hard on ourselves! You look lovely as always x

  3. Such lovely pics! I'd LOVE to go surfing.


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