Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scrub A Dub Dub......

To help put a smile on Ashleigh's face I have made one of her body scrubs.

Chocolate body scrub. 

All natural, thrifty and it smells divine.

I took olive oil, chocolate powder and sugar;

Poured in a cup full of sugar;

Added the chocolate powder;

And gradually mixed in the olive oil.

Not only does it smell divine but its nice and gentle on your skin making it feel baby soft.

For me I made a lemon scrub.

A little harsher as its made with sea salt but again very simple to do.

Take olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice;

Mix in the olive oil and add the lemon juice.

They make your skin feel fabulous and baby soft.

So what home made beauty items do you make?

X x


  1. Wow they both sound lovely. What a lovely mum you are.

  2. Nice!! How much do they cost to make and how long do they last?

  3. I used to make my own scrub years ago, they are a great way of saving money and just as effective xx

  4. Hi I am very impressed . They look lovely & I bet they smell divine. I think your hubby will like snuggling up to you tonight! I used to make a face pack years ago with live yoghurt & grated apple yum!
    Ps I love the skirt in your other post. Its a beautiful colour
    x take care hope your DD enjoys her body scrub to

  5. Great post. I've thought about making home scrubs and whatnot many times but never actually done it. Maybe when my shop ones run out, I'll try it! x

  6. Had no idea they were so simple to make. I would probably try eating the choccy one though!

  7. greaaat idea!!! the chocolate one looks decadent! loove it!


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