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30 Ways To Save a Pound.........

You may well have seen many of these posts appearing well their is a reason for this and its to do with Money super market......

To celebrate the anniversary of our most popular coin we’re going to give every blogger £1 for each money-saving tip they give us (up to £30).

As we’re looking for 1,000 ways to save money in total, one lucky blogger will be chosen at random to win£1,000! Not bad eh? But there’s a twist! If we receive over 1,000 money-saving tips, we’re going to double the prize fund to £2,000! So, once you’ve posted your tips, get as many friends as you can to do the same. We want to get everyone talking about their favourite frugal techniques

Anyway, if you’d like to take part and find out more about this then check out our 30 Ways to Save £1 page here – http://www.moneysupermarket.com/30-ways-to-save-1-pound/

If this is something you’d like to get involved with then make sure to read the Terms and Conditions first to make sure you provide all the details to claim your pounds for your money saving tips.

Well I like to save pennies as much as the next person so here are my 30 to add to the list, that is if they aren't already on yours!

1. Don't spend! Quite simple really, if you don't need it and I mean really need it then in the words of good old Zammo (Grange Hill reference folks) just say NO!

2. Most of us ladies like to look good but it doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune to do it.. Get your hair trimmed at the local college at a fraction of the price, if you can't do it yourself or know someone who can do if for you.  The same goes for manicures waxing etc.

3. Dye your own hair, rope in a friend if you need a helping hand.

4. Shop your own wardrobe. You know the phrase "I have nothing to wear?" well really you do, you just need to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. 

5. And if your really need new clothes why not organise a swop with friends. They are FREE to hold and a great reason to get together too.

6. Taking of get togethers, they too can be cheap and cheerful. Why not do a "come dine with me" style evening with each person bringing a dish?

7. Home cooking, from scratch will save you more than a few pennies. Not only is it so much more tasty you also know exactly what it is your eating. NO horse here thank you!

8. Meal plan. may sound boring but its far from it. You only buy the food you need and everyone knows what it is your having that evening.

9. Grow your own vegetables, even if its just a few. Not only do you have a great sense of achievement but home grown always tastes nicer.

10. Batch bake, fill the oven when its on. Its an expensive thing to run. Same goes for the freezer too.

11. Only wash clothes when the actually need it and when you have a full load.

12. Learn to declutter. I know this can be hard for many people but worth it if you can. Sell unwanted items on eBay to increase your funds or decrease your debt.

13. Give to charity shops. So hows this saving you £s? Well its giving something back to a worth while cause in a way that doesn't decrease your bank balance but will increase the charities.

14. Don't be  a brand snob. Be it in food, make up what ever. Many own brands are just as good, if not better in some cases.

15. Empty that boot! cause if not it will cost you £s in petrol and drive sensibly. Firstly its safer and secondly its cheaper.

16. Take lunches out with you and to work. I am always amazed how much my colleagues spend on lunches with out even batting an eyelid.

17. Remember the three Rs, reduce reuse and recycle. Simple but effective.

18. Never try to keep up with the Jones! Concentrate on being you. This will save you spending money you don't have.

19. If your feeling rather chilly whilst at home invest in a blanket or two. Ours get used all year long. Or better still snuggle up to the one you love, thats bound to get you feeling warmer.

20. When any renewal letters come in don't just simply renew, research and see if you can get a better price first.

21. Before you purchase something on line be sure to check for a discount code first, many companies have them available along with FREE delivery.

22. And always go through a saving site such as Quidco. Its amazing just how much you can save across a year on item you would have purchased anyway. 

23. Use charity shops and eBay when buying clothes. Not only is it cheaper but its also greener to.

24. Get into DIY. No I don't mean painting and decorating although doing your own is much cheaper. I refer more to crafting and upscaling items. Bored with a top? Don't chuck it out, change it. Add a few studs, remove the arms. Research on line and you can find lots of 

25. Love to check out the latest fashions or stores? Well save yourself the magazine cost and read it on line. 

26. If you have to have a book to read, then support your local library and loan one. 

Or download the free ones to your kindle/phone/computer.

28. Always use your points cards where you can and before you know it you will have FREE money to spend.

29. Get out and about in the fresh air. Its so much nicer than being stuck in a stinky gym yet you still feel the health benefits.

30. Finally remember to you can do most things for FREE. Be it a trip out, (check your local area) a cinema trip with previews or even a meal with things such as mystery shopping. 

So lovely people what are your tip tips?

X x


  1. we are all so frugal....
    hope you get out in your caravan soon

  2. Zammo - oh the memories!
    Great tips, I have saved a fortune on clothes by buying second hand.
    I really must get my seeds planted this year, I loved having fresh salad leaves and radishes last year.

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