Monday, 15 April 2013

Has Spring Finally Sprung????

Well today has been beautiful!

Such a warm and sunny day, such a shame I had to go to work to be honest.
But those bills must be paid so off to work I went.

Even driving home this evening was a pleasure, traffic and all.

So how was your weekend? and what do you have planned nice for this week?

After the disaster that was last weekend (lets just leave it at that!) I have a full week.

Busy, busy in fact and then add in catching up with friends and I have no time for anything else.
(all in a nice way mind!)

X x


  1. It was lovely and sunny today , makes such a difference. I expect you are looking forward to putting on summer clothes too (cant wait)
    Enjoy your week. x

  2. the promise of spring weather makes everything seem a little better xo


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