Saturday, 6 April 2013

And Finally The Sun Makes Its Appearance....

What a difference a little bit of sun makes.

Instantly I feel happier and more full of energy.
(Perhaps its SAD i have not an under active thyroid!lol)

Cardy - M& S
Dress - H & M
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Thrifted

As for my activities today?

Well I have visited mom for a much needed natter and copious cups of tea.

Finally gotten the car washed, I'd actually forgotten what the proper colour was, I kid you not!

And had a very quick (& I do mean very quick) tidy around the house.
As for tonight, I am out with a bunch of the ladies (used in its loosest terms) for a giggle or two.

Hope you enjoyed your day what ever you have been up to.

X x


  1. Lovely to go out today with just the one pair of gloves! Pretty dress! Hope you have a blast later! x

  2. Hi love the shade of your dress. I have a SAD lightbox have only had it about 5 weeks. I use it and it illuminates the room its perfect on these grey days. Still feel tired though! Still time will tell.
    Congratulations to your daughter,how wonderful & exciting for them both. Brings back memories! the excitement in the early days of moving in and setting up home. Are you enjoying the empty space?! xx

  3. love your dress. It's been lovely here too, I have been spring cleaning the Reo for the season! exciting!!


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