Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Shattered After A Bank Holiday.....

Normally after four days off work you are suitably relaxed but for us we are truly shattered!


Well because we spend all day yesterday at the allotment moving our extremely heavy shed and rotivating our second plot.

Our shed was made by us out out three pallets and lots of pieces of wood we were given.

No way we could move the darn thing with out breaking it down a little.

But thankfully after almost a full days work we managed to put it back together ok.

And I have to say it was freezing yesterday!
The only thing that warmed me up was the odd cup of tea and the roaring wood fire in our allotment hut.

Somehow Andy still managed to find the energy to rotivate the second plot too.

Gosh we were shattered and slept like logs last night.

Mind you I didn't half ache this morning....

X x


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