Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Snuggles And Chillaxin.....

I listen to many of my friends and they all moan about the children flying the nest, they hate spending time just them and hubby and sound incredibly miserable about it.

Now don't get me wrong I love my two girls with all my heart and still remember when Kassie first left home and shedding a tear, but in honesty it didn't last too long. Because I was so proud of what an independent woman she had become.

As for Ashleigh, she spends every evening in with us sharing a meal, talking about her day and watching telly during the week, but the weekends we hardly see her as she's aways off visiting friends.

Do I mope around missing her?

No! She off having fun just as it should be.
More snuggles and cuddles time for me and hubby!

Love them I do, but I also love time with hubby, just him and I.
According to some of my friend I am "well strange"!
I just think I am happy.

So today we shall enjoy a snuggle or two, a lovely day tottering and doing jobs then chilling with a family roast and a glass or two of wine.

X x


  1. I think you definitely have the right attitude, after all you have to set your children free to make their own way but it does not mean you love them any less.

    I think its great that you and your hubby are still so close and you should have time together x

  2. I hate time with mine, cried my eyes out when chloe left home at 19 almost 5 years ago and can't stand it when the other two are out at sleepovers and it's just me the old man and Charlie. Goodness knows what I will do when Charlie goes off to Uni! xx


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