Saturday, 20 April 2013

Not Quite Ready For The Garbage Can Just yet!

By which I refer not to me....... But to my jeans.

Remember a while ago when I did my amazing knee skid in an Ikea car park?

Causing my poor knee to look like this?

Well these were the jeans I did it in.

And whilst Andy tell me to bin them, I refuse.

For a day of planting seeds and the odd spot of gardening these are perfect.

So no hubby dearest, they won't be heading for the bin anytime soon.

X x


  1. I took the idea of distressing your jeans just a bit too seriously!

  2. I love ripped jeans, I'd be tempted to tear those up some more x

  3. I did something like that a couple of months back, skid on ice and my knee looked similar to yours. Its now healing up. Hope your ok x

  4. Ouch! Feel better soon. x


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