Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy St Georges Day.....

For incase you live on another planet here in the UK it is St Georges day.
And the sun is shining even if its a little chilly.

Whilst we shan't be doing anything special for it, after all we were at work all day.

I have (eventually) cooked us a traditional English tea of bubble and squeak!

Followed by Rhubarb crumble, home grown of course.

Hope you've had a good one what ever you have been up to.

X x


  1. I worked at late shift 2.30 till 10, but I had a nice morning and got a load of washing dry outside which always makes me happy :)

  2. Did you save me some crumble? Yum yum xx

  3. I don't do anything to celebrate but we should really as the Irish, Welsh and Scottish put an enormous amount into their Saint's days xx


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