Friday, 5 April 2013

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...

It seems like ages since I did one of these so here goes for this week....

The Good
Visiting Kassie and Shaun's New home

We both felt incredibly proud being shown into the apartment they have waited so long for.
And whilst we aren't the best at decorating or DIY we shall be supporting as best we can.
And Andy couldn't wait to go and order a fridge/freezer and washer/tumble drier for them.
(His way of helping)

Moving properly onto our new allotment plots

Sad I know but its been one of those things that seems to have been weighing on both Andy and my mind. Because we want to be able to enjoy our weekends away this really has needed doing and the worst work has now been completed.

The Bad
Moving the shed etc!

Gosh I can't find the words to tell you just how hard this was, nor how cold I felt either.
But at least its now done.

The Ugly
Being shattered!

Not only am I so unfit but I am incredibly shattered and know that this is down to my thyroid being way to low.
(Horrid, as its so hard to shift any weight too)

So roll on the weekend when I will be cleaning the house, visiting family and friends and above all chill-axing!

Enjoy your weekend what ever you have planned.

X x


  1. I have an Underactive Thyroid too its a pain people don't realise how much the thyroid does in your body x

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