Friday, 3 January 2014

A Repair In Is Order....

If like us you have been having terrible windy weather (and don't mean from all the sprouts either!) and lets be honest who hasn't, then you may have been lucky enough to get away with out any flooding or damage.
(My heart goes out to those who are suffering from terrible flooding)

And our tiny damage is just that, tiny but frustrating never the less.

This was the sight that greeted me as I walked to our allotment plot yesterday:

After a little hard graft it was almost back to normal.

Just a few pieces of glass to cut.
Keep your fingers crossed it stays in now.

After the hard graft it was time for a warm cuppa and a final piece of Christmas cake.

X x


  1. Oh what a shame! The weather has just been so awful hasnt itl, I can't imagine having to deal with the flooding that some people have experienced.

  2. The winds have been awful, hope that's the last of the damage for you and your greenhouse x

  3. Had to laugh at the sprouts comment lol.

    Oh no thats a nightmare its been so windy here too. Poor you thats awful x

  4. oh no, at least you got it sorted, we didn't do too bad, a bit of wall blew over in the back garden but apart from that we've been lucky x

  5. So sorry to see that..atleast it is all sorted now. I really dislike this weather. Roll on Spring!

    Gemma x


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