Saturday, 18 January 2014

Positively Purple....

Gosh today has been a busy one.

Holding the baggy shirt!
Love it but it can make you look huge.

Not only shed loads of housework chores to catch up (Yawn) on along with food shopping, (Double Yawn) we have been also been bridesmaid dress shopping (Mega screams of girly delight)

Smiley face

Can you tell I was slightly excited?

It was fab to catch up with my sister and her two daughters whilst we were send on a hunt around Brum (More on that tomorrow) along with lots of pretty dresses being tried on.

Even a tooth grin!

But of course the mundane chord had to be done first so purple, a bright happy colour was chosen for this mornings tasks.


These Bargain trousers (A whole £2.49 I kid you not) are super comfy but being the clumsy mare that I am I managed to splash myself with bleach in a cleaning frenzy.

Feeling a little cross with myself.

One word.... Bugger.

X x


  1. I got a rather nice dress from eBay and just like you I splashed bleach on it so it only ever got worn the once. What are we like?! x


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