Monday, 20 January 2014

And This Week Started With A Bang......


That and the car alarm going off.

Monday mooring we are all up and about between 5.30 and 6am, so when Andy's car alarm was going off at 5.30 this morning Andy was already down stairs to go and investigate.

Boring work attire, black, black and more black!

Would you believe another neighbour has reversed into it?
(This car is jinxed)

Add blue shoes and a bright scarf to make me feel less corporate.
Dress - ASOS
Scarf - From America
Shoes - New Look

Thankfully it doesn't appear to have too much damage and they will sort it out this evening.

So it really was starting the day with a bang.

Lets hope the rest of the week is a better one.

X x


  1. You look absolutely fabulous. Love those bright shoes.

  2. oh no! what a start to the day! hope it gets sorted!

  3. Trayci you look so pretty...nice photos. Don't tell me about cars I have had enough with my own last week...nightmare! x

  4. We had someone leave his brake off and his car slammed into our garden wall in the middle of the afternoon last week.. No harm done but a passerby thought it had been nicked and abandoned and called the police and it all got very complicated. All a bit tiring really : )

  5. Boo :( I hope your week picks up.


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