Friday, 7 March 2014

A Busy Week....

Who knew that being off ill would be soo busy!
This week I seem to have had something everyday.

Bare feet bohemian outfit for today.

Monday saw our car being collected in order to have the damage repaired.
From when our neighbour reversed into it.
(This car has been so unlucky)
They never give you a time slot either do they?
Luckily I'm not going anywhere so it didn't matter to me.
Plus I had a visit from my mom and my sister popped in too.
It was great to have catch up with them both.

A lovely scrape up the wheel arch and wing.

Tuesday my eldest spent the day with me.
We gossiped for Britain and had a good catch up.

Tshirt - Next
Skirt - Primark

Wednesday I had a doctors appointment to see how my wound is healing.
(Very well thankfully.)

Thursday Andy was on a day off.
But as we were having a motor mover fitted to the new caravan, so he was busy for a few hours at the storage unit.

Friday yet another visit from mom and a visit from some friends.

Busy, busy.

As for an update on my 1000 item declutter well I have managed to add another 20 items to my selling list, seeing the total rise to 70.
Only 930 more items to go to reach my 1000, well it is heading in the right direction at least.

And I have sold another 3 items for a total of £43, making my grand total so far £125.
I'm very happy with that.

I have also taken part in the Blog Hop over on Clairejustine oxox
Take a look.

And Passion for Fashion too.
X x


  1. What a week, sorry to hear about your car :( wow, your doing great on the 1000 item de-clutter. When my son comes home it is great catching up, can't wait till Mothers day.. Love your outfit, great colour, fab top :) hope your feeling much better now, I have felt poorly all week too. Thanks for the mention of the weekend blog hop too :)xx

  2. That blue looks good on you. Hope you get some good news next week!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. Don't over do it though.



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