Monday, 24 March 2014

Parcel Time...

Is it just me that loves receiving parcels?
I don't even mind what's in them, as long as it's not bills that is.

And Saturday I received a parcel full of goodies from Savvy circle to trial:

Perfectly timed for Sunday lunch with over ten people attending.
The dishwasher was on 3 times in total.
(Due to the kids not wanting the wash all the pots and pans they had used!)

And the verdict?
I am very impressed with them but I must admit that at around £12.00 for a pack of 30 I need a lot more convincing before I swop from my own brand tablets just yet.
If they were on offer at the same price I normally pay they would be my first choice.

After all to quote a well known supermarket;
"Every penny counts!"

X x

And an update on my 1000 item challenge.
Listed items are now up at 218, I managed to add another 23 items today.
That leaves me 782 still to go

And total sales are now at £401!
I'm really pleased with that.

X x


  1. Aww lovely parcel, I love receiving parcels too :) I only have one dish washer me!! grr I can't get the kids to help out lol

  2. Ooh yes. I love a parcel too. It was my daughter's 13th birthday party at the weekend. Our dishwasher was on several times too! xxx

  3. Love getting nice parcels in the post, especially if it's something to wear!! xx

  4. They are rather expensive, I wouldn't pay that amount for dishwasher tablets. I'm not loyal to one brand, I usually wait until there's an offer on and buy then. Your Ebay sales are going really well, I'm impressed. I hate listing things but had a few things I wanted to sell last year so I set myself the challenge of listing five items each month. Out of the 60 items, I sold 56 and made £178.25. They were only things I'd have taken to the charity shop so I was pleased with that.

  5. It's almost payday for two of my girls so the Asos parcels will be coming thick and fast and I get just as excited by their stuff as mine! x

  6. I love receiving parcels too! I only ever buy dishwasher tablets when they're on offer (which they seem to be quite often!) as they are so expensive.
    Well done on your 1,000 items challenge. It's a great idea. We've recently moved house and I just didn't have the patience to sell our stuff. I've sold a few of my daughter's clothes and made about £60, but I've given away a lot of good stuff!


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