Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sweet Nothings....

So its no secret that I love sweets, in fact I love anything sugary and bad for you.
(Hense the expanding waist line!)

Excuse the no make up look!
Shirt - Ann summers
Tshirt - Old Navy
Jeans - M&S
And when I was in hospital everyone decided to bring me yummy things to cheer me up.
The problem was I wasn't in any fit state to enjoy them.
That however has changed and I have been very naughtily munching my way though far too many sweeties and chocolates that any human should ever attempt.

My favourite has been these foam bananas and shrimps that hubby got me from work.

They take me back to my child hood,

And always make me smile.

(He knows me so well)

X x


  1. I love foam sweeties! I've been spoilt with loads of sweet treats too, I'm putting on weight at a rather alarming rate haha xx

  2. Well it must be a good sign that you're feeling better if your appetite's on the way back! Jon would down that lot in seconds. Its savoury stuff for me every time! x

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself. I LOVE sweets, far too much x

  4. Those trousers are an amazing colour! I like a bit of purple.

    Whoever thought of shrimps and bananas together? Odd combination!

  5. I do love the odd sweetie treat :)

    Hope you are feeling okay!

    Gemma x

  6. ooo I love them too!! I always have sweeties in my bag! :)

  7. Everyone knows that foam bananas are medicinal so maybe you should Have another bag x


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